Free Sky UK newcamd server


Port: 20092

username: test

Password: test

DES key: 0102030405060708091011121314


MGcamd emulator

The Mgcamd emulator is similar in function to cccam but is designed for the newcamd protocol. It has been developed as an improvement to ccam.

Although it is not as versatile as cccam is in terms of protocols that it supports, it is much more reliable in terms of glitches and freezing. It does not freeze as much. This means that you have a much better viewing experience.

Instead of ccam.cfg file the mgcamd emulator used a newcamd.list file. the contents of the file look like:

CWS = [server address] [server port] [username] [password] [des key]

I has the same layout as a C line just with ‘CWS =’ instead of the the C:/N:. Many servers these days will recommend that you use mgcamd as it improves server performance and eliminates the problem of re-sharing which negatively impacts all users. The file is stored in the


Directory instead of /var/etc where ccam.cfg file is stored.

Skybox F5

These is a decent receiver capeable of doing many things that the previous generation of Dreambox’s did. It has any easy interface to use and is very good for beginners.

To add configuration onto the receiver, its is required that update the files manually from the menu. The file that is being updated with be the cccam.cfg which quite simple just needs the cline in it. There are creaters on the internet avaliable to create the file should you need it to be created for you. A USB storage device is then plugged in and the file is uploaded onto the reciever.

Dreambox 500s Review


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The Dreambox 500s was the first mainstream card sharing server receiver that was widely used .It had a Linux OS on it and was produced by dream multimedia and cost around £200. it could be used to connect to servers and decrypt channels.

The receiver itself is very capeable with access to applications & network record feutures. It has a web interface that can be used to view video on a computer and control the box as well as change some settings. You can also stream to the receiver.

One of the major developments throught early 2010 was the increase of cheap chineese clones. These would look the same and could run the same software but they were of a much poorer quallty, with low quality parts which would fail like the remotes and the power supplys. They didnt always have the best picture either. While they may work well they have now been superceeeded by a much better, more beginner friendly Skybox/Openbox series. These receivers are of a better quality, cheaper to buy and fail a lot less. They are very easy to setup as well with no need to understand ftp & just as capable.

Card Sharing Emulators


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To connect your receiver to a card sharing server, you must have a piece of software to make that connection and then use the recieved information to descramble a channel. In this post I will discuss ccam asan emulator.

ccam is an emulator which was initally built for the ccam protocol but then later was updated so that the software can connect to a range of servers protocols.

On a dreambox 500s the process to install is simple just go into the menu > Setup > Software > Install Software > Softcams > Ccam [any version]

Once installed you have to enter the server information. The process is done via ftp on a dreambox. So you will need a ftp client such as filezilla.

Obtain the IP address of the dreambox which should be connected to the local network. The username and password for the ftp connection will be:

Username: Root

Password: dreambox

Once connected find the directory /var/etc/

This is where you will put the ccam.cfg file. In the file you will need to enter a line such as
C: [server address] [server port] [username] [password]

The is an example of a C Line which connected to a ccam server. If you wanted to connect to a newcamd server the line would be like this:

N: [server address] [server port] [username] [password] [DES Key]

Different protocol have different ports so you need to check these. Once you produce the file, copy it accross FTP to the receiver, then restart the unit. Once restarted providing the internet connection on the receiver is working and the details are right, it should begin to descramble channels.



There are various protocols that are used within card Sharing. In this post we will explain a two of the most common ones.

  • cccam – This has been the most popular one and card sharing started with this protocol. It is based upon UDP, which is a way of sending data where the receiver does not confirm that the information has been recieved. it allows for data to be sent quicker, but the lack of confirmation makes it possible that complete data is not received.
    This protcol is used in most servers. it is unencrypted so data can be seen by other people intercepting it but is very easy to use and there is a lot of support for it it. In terms of card sharing, it may work well for some people but for others it may lead to a lot of freezing.
  • newcamd/mgcamd – This is a newer protocol that has been developed. It does the same job as ccam but is based upon TCP/IP. In this intance the receiver confirms that data has been recieved and then the next bit of data is sent out. This makes sure that data is correctly sent. It does increased the time for data to be sent by 100ms but is relieble and constant. Data is also encrypted so cannot be read by anyone intercepting it
    It has become more popular in recent times with most premium servers offering it. There is less support/guides for this but for clients the setup is mostly the same as ccam. It provides a relieable connection of card sharing, freezing isa not eliminated but in most cases will be improved if there is an issue with ccam.

The next post will be about the different emulators that can be used with card sharing.

Sky UK Card Sharing

Card Sharing is the process of using a receiver to connect to a server which has a local card and using the data from that to decode encryted channels. It works over the internet and is very popular in Europe and Africa. One of the key things about card sharing is that you can have access to 1000’s of channels while only paying a small fee compared to thier retail value.

From this blog we will add lots of useful videos and guides on how to connect to a card sharing server, and get the best that card sharing provides.